Estnltk – Open source tools for Estonian natural language processing

Estnltk provides common natural language processing functionality such as paragraph, sentence and word tokenization, morphological analysis, named entity recognition, etc. for the Estonian language.

The project is funded by EKT (Eesti Keeletehnoloogia Riiklik Programm,


The recommended way of installing estnltk is by using the anaconda python distribution and python 3.5+.

We have installable packages built for osx, windows-64, and linux-64.

The command for installing estnltk is:

conda install -c estnltk -c conda-forge estnltk

The alternative way for installing if you are unable to use the anaconda distribution is:

python -m pip install estnltk

This is slower, more error-prone and requires you to have the appropriate compilers for building the scientific computation packages for your platform.

Find more details in the installation tutorial.


Release 1.4 documentation is available at For previous versions refer to

Additional educational materials on estnltk are available on the web page of the NLP course taught at the University of Tartu:


Once you use Estnltk in your work, plase cite us as follows:

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